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Posted by Content Creative on Oct 11, 2023

October 9, 2023


Thank you for revisiting our blog. It’s been a while since we’ve taken our blog seriously. We will fill our blog with stories and details of our products. Today, we greeted the Seville Tumbler, the newest product this October. We know some of you have been waiting to this moment. So, here are the details and a glimpse of Seville Tumbler.

We have two colors in these tumblers. In so many ways, you might choose by “gender.” But it doesn’t matter whatever type of color you choose, they all look good. There are Broken White and black; it seems like White, but it doesn’t. 

Broken White


Seville has a filter in it. It helps you if you drink smoothies, tea, or juice.

Our favorite is still homemade coffee at home; we can lounge there. And you can bring it to the coffee shop or office. The silicone hook is removable and washable.

Before you buy our Seville Tumbler, please read this:

  1. The customer can choose other designs besides the doodle design

  2. The customer can personalised the text or add the name in the Tumbler

  3. The customer can choose Only Text if The Customer doesn’t want to use the design

Specification & Material:

  1. Material: Stainless Steel
  2. Type: 316 (The 316 series is almost indistinguishable from the 304 series but contains much higher levels of molybdenum. These compounds make equipment more corrosion-resistant)
  3. Size: 330 Ml
  4. Keep the drink temperature up to 6 hours. (Please note, if you fill the water on and on, the ice will melt. Ice cubes melt quickly when flowing with water because this process involves heat transfer (or heat transfer) from water to ice.)
  5. Hanging silicone
  6. Filter inside the Tumbler
  7. Diameter: 8 Cm
  8. Height: 14 Cm

Thank you!

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