Why Does Our Society Like To Give To Other People?

Posted by Content Creative on Sep 21, 2021

Sometimes, we feel we are in someone’s life but it is just an illusion. We never know when we are actually present for someone. When we were little, we’re happy when our parents gave us a gift or present on our birthday, Christmas, Eid Mubarak, or any other occasion.  It makes us feel happy, and we feel cared for and whole. The day after we grow up, we also want to make someone feel that too. 

We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give

Winston Churchill

Time by time, decade by decade people make it a tradition or maybe giving people is a need. I wonder if the tradition might be fading by time, because it can get closer to someone that we care about. According to SimonandSimon.com, in Tiongkok gift-giving is common because it shows respect, gratitude, and kindness. Nevertheless, it is not only in Tiongkok, I think most of the countries have a gift-giving culture. I just remember when my friend from junior high school sent me a bottle of coffee and it made my day, just because I moved to a new office. It is a classic tradition but sometimes, it is important in the modern world, when people come and go.

Based on the research by Ed O'brien and Samantha Kassirer in 2018 that the effect of gift-giving is long-term happiness. Some experiments are conducted by knowing how happy someone is, give or take. As a result, happiness increases when people decide to give rather than take, and professor Ed O'brien added:

“Repeated giving, even in identical ways to identical others, may continue to feel relatively fresh and relatively pleasurable the more that we do it.”

On the other hand, giving makes us understand what it means to be grateful and makes us empathize with others. So, if you have a chance to give someone a little special treat, I would like to suggest you try it. It never fail you!


Happy Tuesday!

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