Posted by Content Creative on Nov 21, 2022

When I’m listening to this song by Sleeping At Last – Six, I think life isn’t that obvious. Sometimes, life hits me in the back and crumples my dreams with my reality. So many things to do for not my own life, and I need to step back from my plans to do people’s dreams.

How can I do that? It’s almost impossible to go through that miserable life. Many people are still doing something to survive in this life are great, and I might call them heroes. I’ve got an idea to “paint” to express reality in design. 

Days and nights, we all do like her, right? We almost do all things with only two hands. If you are like the girl in the picture, you did great, you know? The hands mean that our activities are very much and often must be done immediately. Such as, if you’re a working mom, you know how to deal with house management, children, husband, and work. Perhaps, if you take a part-time job to make an additional income for the family or college, you are strong!

Meanwhile, when I see this illustration, I suddenly remember the song's lyrics from Sleeping At Last, and I ask you to listen to it too.

I had the most vivid dream.
My feet had left the ground
I was floating to heaven
But I could only look down
My mind was heavy

Running ragged with worst-case scenarios
Emergency exits and the distance below
I woke up so worried that the angels let go

Oh, God, I'm so tired
Of being afraid
What would it feel like
To put this baggage down?

If I'm being honest
I'm not sure I'd know-how.
I want to take shelter, but I'm ready, ready to fight
Somewhere in the middle, I feel a little paralysed

Maybe I'm stronger
Than I realize
I want to believe
No, I choose to believe
That I was made to become
A sanctuary

Fear won't go away
But I can keep it at bay
These invisible walls
Just might keep us safe
With a vigilant heart

I'll push into the dark
And I'll learn to breathe deep
And make peace with the stars


I can not cry because this song represents life in this chaotic world. If you think you need to take care of yourself and give yourself a self-reward, I hope this design can cheer you up and reminds you that there’s still hope.

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