Noël Rétro Christmas

Posted by Content Creative on Nov 11, 2022

Happy season and cold weather are coming to us. People tend to send everyone gifts to celebrate the holy of the month. We give people presents and gifts at Christmas to keep the historical tradition of our ancestors, not only for religious context but also to show emotional and love affection to our friends and families.

Arbre Design Co wants to bring and make the tradition stick to everyone. We keep searching and making a concept for our design and product that makes you want to share. A retro style inspired us in the 1970s and 1980s when everything looked nostalgic, and we remember our Christmas childhood was so picturesque.

We refashion the colors, shapes, items, and the touch of modern style, making it look chic for the gift. And all will be perfect when you listen to Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, and Dean Martin's songs to warm up your Christmas eve. We started to make a concept and sketch the design itself.

The characteristic of retro style is style has a variety of colors but slightly faded colors, such as sea green, mint, pink, cherry red, butter yellow, orange, and others. This technique repeats the styles that were popular in the past, especially from the 1930s to the 1970s. 

And this is one of our images for Christmas design in 2022. The dwarfs are a symbol of children's toys from a few years ago to the present, or you can represent them as children wearing a Santa costume in the event. We try to use or draw an element just like a pattern that we ever did in our previous style design. 

We have some of our Christmas gifts and Tumblers that you might choose for your friends and families. Tumblers can use for hot water and can be given to all ages. We have not only a mug and tumbler but also a candle. You can choose our different types of candles, such as Tealight Candles.

A Tealight candle is a kind of candle that is usually put in metal or plastic so the candle can liquefy completely while lit.

These are not postcards, but they are greeting cards, and we make them look different from our typical cards or other sellers. We will write your warm message on the back of the card, and the card can be a postcard and displayed as a Christmas gift reminder.

Furthermore, if you buy a hampers package, you will get this cute Santa pouch in your hampers. We don't put anything inside the pouch, but you can choose from our additional products, such as candies or chocolate powder drinks. Don't worry about screen printing because we only use the best quality.

Last but not least, the packaging. Our most beautiful wrapping paper, and we still keep wrapping paper as our identity. People remember Arbre Design Co because of its design, service, and packaging. As you can see, the complexity of the packaging design hits differently, and it can use to cover a desk or storage.

The design concept reminds us of togetherness and a Christmas celebration full of warmth. Children play with Santa, men and women are partying, people are still busy working, and children are happy when opening presents.

The color we put on wrapping paper is sourced from the retro style we update to become vibrant. People who receive this gift will not immediately open it, they will be mesmerized and look at it with deep feelings.

We hope you find the best gift for your friends and families with Arbre Design Co. 

Thank you :)

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